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Sandbags are versatile in use for flood control, erosion prevention and military fortification.
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Ventilation Big Bags are primarily used in the export for onions, potatoes &
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The Fusion Big Bag is one of those developments that arises from this
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The 1- and 2-loop big bags are ideal for efficiently packaging various materials
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The 4- Loops big bag is the optimal solution for packaging, transporting, and
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All kinds of FIBC's, otherwise called Big Bags
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Polypropylene woven bags are highly suitable for packaging goods in smaller quantities, between
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Net packaging is the best choice for ensuring the quality of fresh produce.
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From Weighing and Packinging machine up to complete production lines
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BOPP foil is used in the packaging of fresh produce for its moisture
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These large Big Bags are placed inside a container to keep your products
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Asbestos waste bags are still in need for the correct disposal of Asbestos
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Our plastic pallets are made out of 100% recycled PE/PP (PCR) and can
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For optimale utilization of the storage of Big Bags
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These covers made out of High or Low-Density Polyethylene are used to close
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Pallet wrapping nets & foils is utilized to secure and protect goods during
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Consultancy and customisation

Apart from our many standard products, we often provide customisation services. We provide recommendations and help you find the right solutions to package your materials and products, including packaging machines, labels and packaging materials, as well as other, more innovative products. According to your needs and always as sustainable as possible. We are happy to deploy our knowledge and extensive experience for your benefit.

Product Development & Innovation

We are continuously striving towards improving our existing products as well as creating new products that satisfy our stringent quality requirements and are sustainable.

Some examples of our latest product developments include our plastic pallets, our Fusion big bag and our compostable packaging net.

Our plastic pallets are made out of 100% recycled PE/PP (PCR). These pallets can be completely regranulated over time. This makes them not only sustainable, but fully circular since no new raw materials are required.

The Fusion Big Bag 

These Big Bags are not seamed together, but glued together. Fusion is the perfect solution to any issue with traditionally seamed Big Bags. As they are not seamed together, there are neither puncture holes nor leaks. Fusion enables the use of standard pallet sizes, material processing bins, and optimal use of container space. Every Fusion Bag is subjected to a patented, non-destructive stress test prior to being shipped. Fusion Bags offer consistent quality, with no human error, enabling reliable delivery schedules and requiring less storage space. They are most suitable for foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


Our compostable packaging net

Is mainly intended for packaging fruit and such. As the name would suggest, these nets can be disposed of with your regular compostable waste after use. It will simply decompose over time. That is our idea of sustainability.

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