We care about the future
Working sustainably means putting your money where your mouth is.

For more than a century, we have spent our days building towards the future. And we will continue to do so. In view of the future of our Planet Earth and future generations, our employees and our partners take sustainability very serious. We care about the future.

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At our core, we prioritize a future where the environment and the people come first. For over a century, we've been dedicated to sustainability in everything we do. This commitment extends not only to our organization but also to our partners, as we collaborate towards a sustainable future.
Saving power
We conserve energy by using LED lighting, largely relying on electric vehicles, having solar panels on our buildings, and consuming energy only when necessary. In this way, we aim to minimize CO2 emissions.
We prefer to collaborate with partners who, like us, hold sustainability in high regard. This extends to their processes, transportation methods, and working conditions.
Transportation Partners
We choose to work with logistics companies that strive for sustainable practices and aim for minimal CO2 emissions. This contributes to our sustainability goals.
Production processes
Throughout our production processes, we continuously assess environmental impacts and seek ways to reduce or minimize them. This includes waste management and recycling.
Quality & Certification
Benefit from our 100 years' worth of experience
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Sustainable partnerships

Here at Zakkencentrale Group, sustainability is a core value that we consistently pursue, including reducing our CO2 footprint. We prefer partnerships with organizations that share these values and actively practice them. Think of transportation companies actively reducing their CO2 emissions and producers and suppliers dedicated to sustainability. Sustainability is a critical criterion in our audits and forms the basis of our collaborations.

Good manufacturing practice

We prioritize not only excellent working conditions for our employees but also the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practice for our products. This means meticulously documenting and controlling the use of raw materials and materials, especially concerning their environmental impact. Our employees are carefully trained and qualified to perform their tasks. Furthermore, we aim for production conditions designed to minimize environmental impact throughout the entire production and logistical process.

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