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Our organisation consists of three divisions.

Our organisations, Zakkencentrale Group carries a comprehensive range of Big Bags, 25-50kg Polypropylene bags Containerliners, nets, packaging materials, packaging machines, clipping materials, foils, labels and even racks, scaffolds and weighing and closing machines. The three divisions differ in terms of the products they deal with. Whatever you may be looking for to package, store and ship your products, we are happy to be of service. We always deliver.

Zakkencentrale Groep

Our headquarters are located in Rotterdam at Cairostraat 50, situated between the A20 and A13 highways. Here you'll find our Dutch office and warehouse with 5,000 m2 of storage space, from where we can quickly deliver all stocked products. We have efficient transport links via road, air (Rotterdam – The Hague Airport/Schiphol Airport), or through the Port of Rotterdam.

In Maldegem, Belgium, at Krommewege 52, you'll find our facility where we print bags ranging from 25 to 50 kg and have 13,000 m2 of storage space for our products. Thanks to this substantial storage capacity, we can swiftly deliver our products both within and outside Europe.

The Zakkencentrale Group has established long-term relationships in Europe and the Far East, enabling us to produce our products under the most favorable conditions according to the specific requirements of our customers.

Ample stock
Fast delivery
Multiple warehouses
Cusotmer-specific printing
Specifications according customer preferences
Zakkencentrale Nederland BV
The division that carries a comprehensive range of Net-packaging materials and machines
Zakkencentrale BV
The division that supplies Polypropylene, jute, cotton and mixed fibre bags for products weighing between 25 and 50 kg.
Exim Handelsonderneming BV
The division specialised in supplying Big Bags (FIBC's), containers liners, plastic pallets and covers.
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