Girfilms is a printed tape that is put around the Girsac or Ultrabag packaging.

Girfilm is an innovative solution that transforms the packaging of Girsac or Ultrabag-Dpack. It is used as a pre-printed band wrapped around the packaging and then heat-sealed along with a PE net to form the final packaging. With its ability to contain up to 8 colors and offering a range of widths (50, 75, 90, 110, 120, 130, and 145 mm), Girfilm provides extensive flexibility.

The benefits of Girfilm are numerous. It enables companies to display product information and branding on the packaging, making it an ideal marketing tool to stand out in the market.

Moreover, the use of Girfilm makes the packaging "Mono", meaning it consists of only one material, making it easily recyclable.

Girfilm is available in various variants to meet different needs:

Girfilm Standard: printed or neutral Girfilm.
Girfilm Fashioned: cut-out printed or neutral longitudinal film.
Girfilm Window: film with an interior window.

Key features of Girfilm include laminated films for perfect welds with the net, approval for food contact, HD flexographic printing, and the ability to choose the Fashioned style, allowing companies to place their message without visible marks thanks to spot-less film registration
technology. Additionally, Girfilm offers smart film options for better control of the packaging process.

With the world's largest production capacity, Girfilm from GIRO is a high-quality solution for
various packaging and handling needs, simultaneously serving as a striking marketing tool to
differentiate products and attract customers.