4- Loops Big Bags
The 4- Loops big bag is the optimal solution for packaging, transporting, and storing powders, granules, and minerals.

4- loop FIBC's

Discover the power and flexibility of our 4-loop Big Bags. As specialists in supplying PP woven Big Bags, we understand the endless possibilities of our 4-loop Big Bags and how we can tailor them optimally to package your products as efficiently as possible. We work with you to assemble the most suitable big bag.

Standard Big Bags

Including, but not limited to, the construction and raw materials industry - with safety certificates for the specified Safe Working Load (SWL) and Safety Factor (SF; e.g., 5:1 - 6:1 - 8:1) utilized.

Food Industry

Including special Food Grade Certificates.

Through our extensive network of partners with whom we have collaborated for many years, we are capable of delivering the best Big Bags under the most favorable conditions. The Big Bags for the food industry are exclusively manufactured according to current regulations, accompanied by the necessary certificates in the field of food safety.

Q-bags with baffles

These bags are designed with integrated baffle panels that provide extra stability and shape retention, especially when transporting loose bulk materials, to optimize the loading capacity of your truck and/or container and enhance the stability of these Big Bags.

Benefits of these Q-Bags:
Stability: The baffle panels reduce the risk of sagging, maintaining a uniform rectangular shape even under heavy loads.
Efficiency: Enhance your logistical processes with shape stability, making the bags easily stackable.

4- loops big bag / 4- lus big bag

Big Bags with PE Liner

Discover Safety and Protection with PE Inner Liner Big Bags
At Zakkencentrale Nederland, we offer high-quality Big Bags with a PE inner liner designed to protect your goods and extend the lifespan of the bag. This innovative solution combines the versatility of a Big Bag with the added benefits of a durable polyethylene (PE) inner liner.

Benefits of PE Inner Liner Big Bags:
Protection: The PE inner liner provides an additional barrier against moisture, dust, and other environmental factors, keeping your cargo secure.

Extended Lifespan: The inner liner not only protects the contents but also prolongs the lifespan of the Big Bag itself, resulting in a cost-effective choice.

Experience the peace of mind and durability of our Big Bags with PE inner liners at Zakkencentrale Nederland. Contact us for more details and customized advice to meet your specific packaging needs.

Ventilated Big Bags

• For packaging products such as onions, potatoes, or firewood, we offer sturdy Big Bags with ventilation stripes, ensuring proper ventilation of the packaged products while maintaining secure packaging.

Each of the above types of Big Bags can be customized with various filling and discharge options, lifting variations, and different levels of dust tightness. Below are some of the most common variations.

Ventilation Big Bag / Ventilatie Big Bag

At the Zakkencentrale Groep, we strive for perfection in packaging solutions. A perfect example of our diverse options for Big Bags can be found in our extensive range. Explore the variety and choose the correct configuration that best suits your specific needs.

The most common configuration possibilities are outlined below for the following sections of the Big Bags:
• Lifting solutions
• Filling options
• Discharge variants
• Types of stitching seams

Loop configurations
Loading configurations
Unloading configurations
Stiching configurations

No matter which configuration you choose, our range of diverse options for Big Bags is designed to meet all your packaging needs. Contact us for expert advice and discover the optimal configuration for your specific application.