Zakkencentrale Group aims to do more than just supply you with materials. 

We also provide consultancy services to help you find the right solution for your specific circumstances. Our services pertain to more than just packaging, storing or transporting your products. We can also help you with issues regarding Warehousing & Logistics. Moreover, we can provide technical support for the machines we supply.  We would be happy to deploy our wealth of knowledge and many decades’ worth of experience for your benefit.

All of the products we supply are manufactured in accordance with the following quality standards: ISO 9001, 22000/14001, Pharma, BRC, AIB and HACCP, Kosher, Halal and UN. As such, we are always in full compliance with all legal requirements and regulations of EFIBCA and the UN.

Want to find out what we could do for you? Please contact us risk-free. We always deliver.

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The Fusion Big Bag is one of those developments that arises from this desire to reduce the amount of packaging material.
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Packaging for your sustainable world?
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To work together, giving you your packaging solutions for repacking, storing or transporting your products, we will need more information on what you want to do with your products.

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