Plastic pallets
Plastic pallets are made out of 100% recycled PE/PP (PCR) and fully circular.
Plastic Pallets

The plastic pallets are made from 100% recycled PE/PP plastic (PCR).

Our plastic pallets offer the following advantages compared to standard pallets:

• Fumigation: guaranteed pest and moisture-free
• Accessible from all 4 sides for forklift entry
• Produced from 100% post-consumer material
• Specially designed for transporting Big Bags / size 110 x 110 cm
• Saves product and/or space compared to regular wooden pallets (they are lower!)
• Competitive pricing in the market for plastic pallets.

Big Bag Tray Carrier
Type4 way entry
Closed SurfaceBlock size
Size1100 x 1100 x 83mm
Weight (kg)6,2 kg +/-
Static Load3000 kg
Dynamic Load1250 kg
Stack+/- 120 pieces
Container 40ft2200 pieces
Truck2880 pieces
MaterialPCW – PO / Mix PE-PP
 Post consumer waste


Kunststofpallet 80x120cm
Closed Surface Euro Size
Export Ready ISPM 15
Type Exposs
Size 800 x 1200 x 155
Weight (kg) 6 kg
Static Load 1200 kg
Dynamic Load 800 kg
Trim 5 mm
Racking No
Temperature -15 / 60 Centigrade
Stack 50 pieces
Truck 1650 (33 x 50)
Material Recycled PO, (mix PE/PP)