Wrapping foil & Wrapping nets
Pallet wrapping foil & nets is utilized to secure and protect goods during transportation and storage.
Wrapping film

We offer different types of wrapping film for several usages, mainly in the fresh produce industry. Standard varieties of stretch wrap film are always available from stock, different sizes are available on request. Depending on your wishes we can advise you on which film is most suited for your needs. Our stretch wrap film is suitable for manual and machine handling.

Wrapping net (with memory)

Wrapping net is used to wrap products that need to breathe. Therefor this type of net packaging is widely used in the fresh produce industry. This net is often wrapped around export pallets to prevent the product from sliding on the pallet during transport. Wrapping net is available with or without stretch, both available at Zakkencentrale. The net structure is made from nylon and thus very strong. Using wrapping net is easy and light.
Bale net is a different type of net packaging available at Zakkencentrale. This net is used to bundle bales with different content. Bale net is available in several qualities:

• standard - without memory: for wrapping pallets
• standard - 15% stretch - with memory: for wrapping pallets
• Optima: for packing grass (220 kgf)
• Strong: for packing straw (245 kgf)
• Xtra: for packing tough straw and corn branches