Big Bags
Big Bags
All kinds of FIBC's, otherwise called Big Bags
Big Bags (FIBC’s)

Big Bags (FIBCs) are exceptionally well-suited for the storage and transportation of a wide range of raw materials and products and are available in many different types. Their strong construction, high load-bearing capacity, flexibility, and safety in use are the strong points of our Big Bags. Big Bags can also be easily tailored to meet the specific requirements and preferences of customers. Furthermore, they are highly recyclable.

EXIM-Zakkencentrale closely collaborates with EFIBCA and Eurojute, the leading umbrella industry associations in Europe for Big Bags, on various innovation projects. Soon, the "Designed for Recycling" (DfR) certification for Big Bags will be released as part of these initiatives. This represents a breakthrough in improving the recyclability of Big Bags and enhances the purity of the reclaimed granules, making them highly suitable for use in the production of new Big Bags or other products requiring high-quality PP granules. In this way, we collectively reduce the use of new raw materials and contribute to a cleaner world.

(* with the exception of our certified food-safe and pharmaceutical Big Bags. The use of recycled PP is (still) not permitted for these types of Big Bags, so they are made from entirely new (virgin) PP material.)

With our over 100 years of experience and extensive network of partners, we are capable of providing the right advice for any desired application, always prioritizing product and human safety.

The production facilities with which we have had a very intensive collaboration for many years possess all the necessary certifications to supply all types of Big Bags for all sectors. Thanks to our large (inter)national network of partners, we are highly flexible and make optimal use of the various specializations and strengths of our partners.

The most common types of Big Bags include:

Standard Big Bags for industries such as construction and raw materials - with safety certificates for the specified Safe Working Load (SWL) and Safety Factor (SF; e.g., 5:1 - 6:1 - 8:1).
1 and 2 loop Big Bags are similar to standard big bags and can be supplied with the same certifications. The 1 and 2 loop big bags are strong and easy and quick to fill, and can be easily moved with multiple big bags at once.
Food industry Big Bags with special Food Grade Certification.
Stable-shaped Q-Bags to optimize the loading capacity and stability of the Big Bags.
Antistatic Big Bags for packaging materials where electrostatic discharge, which can occur when filling the big bags, may pose a danger. Depending on the level of risk of static reactions, we offer different grades - Type B, C, and D. If necessary, we can also supply inner bags with antistatic properties to prevent the risk of uncontrolled discharge.
UN Big Bags For the safe transport of hazardous goods according to ADR regulations in Big Bags, we can provide all types of UN certification.
Asbestos Big Bags and Container Liners We also offer the right packaging solution for the packaging and transportation of asbestos-containing materials, with the appropriate asbestos markings and protection of the asbestos-containing materials.
Ventilation Big Bags For packaging products such as onions, potatoes, or firewood, we offer strong Big Bags with ventilation stripes, ensuring proper ventilation of the packaged products while maintaining secure packaging.

The various types of Big Bags can be produced in a wide variety of configurations according to the specific wishes of the customer. The following options are available (link to configurations - skirt / discharge valve flap, etc.).

Together with our partners, we are constantly working on product improvements to reduce the negative impact of packaging materials on the environment.

Big Bags