BOPP flowpack foil
BOPP foil is used in the packaging of fresh produce for its moisture resistance, clarity, and barrier properties,
BOPP Flowpack film

In the fresh produce industry, flowpack foil is perforated to allow fresh vegetables to
"breathe". Various perforation techniques (macro, micro, and laser), material types (OPP, OPA, and PET), and thicknesses (starting from 20 microns) exist. The number and diameter of perforations depend on the packed product, material, finish, structure (mono, duplex, triplex), and type of machine used. Environmental factors also play a role.

Flowpack can optionally be equipped with an extra barrier, antistatic layer (suitable for powders), and anti-condensation features. The anti-condensation layer prevents moisture buildup on the inside
of the foil, ensuring the product remains clearly visible.

We are happy to advise you on the best foil for your specific product(s), aiming for the most sustainable solution together.