Clipping wire
We deliver high quality clip band / clip wire, fitting for your clip machine.
Clipping wire

We deliver high quality clipping wire, fitting for your packaging machine. Depending on your packing needs in a copper plated or galvanized version. We can also deliver several different qualities, depending on the type of machine you are using.

to close net packaging on full- and semi-automatic packing machines


Sizes of clipping wire
3 x 0.3 mm galvanized
3 x 0.35 mm, galvanized or copper plated
3 x 0.40 mm galvanized
3 x 0.50 mm copper plated

Suitable for the following packing machines:
Affeldt, C-Pack, Giro, Sorma, S+B, Gekupack, Manter, Packfrut