Labels and Stickers
Wineglass labels are primarily intended to be used on net-based packaging.
Wineglass labels

The Wineglass label is specially designed to clipped net packaging. The other side of the label can be of thermal material thus can be printed during the packing process The narrow upper part of the label is used to clip the label to the net, whereas the wide part is used as the space for the printing.
• Materials used: Polypropylene or Polyethylene
• Flexographic printing until 8 inks max.

Paper types:
o Thermal coated (protection against humidity and condensation)
o Thermal with special coating (high protection)
o Non-thermal

Clip2Clip Labels

Label attached to both edges of the package and the resulting effect is surprising and a remarkable differentiation pack appearance can be obtained
• Multiple shapes and sizes to customize the package design
• Flexographic printing until 8 inks max.
• Excellent ratio between quality and prices.

Materials used:
- Polyethylene
- Polypropylene with thermal paper

Adhesive Labels

High quality material to facilitate printing and make reading easier at the point of sale
• High definition thermal or non thermal paper
• Coating to protect against humidity, smudging, plasticisers, heat, etc
• Flexographic printing until 8 inks max.