Service, Know-how, Quality

With over 100 years of experience Zakkencentrale knows as no other what is important in the flexible packaging business: Service, Know-how and Quality. Since its establishment in 1917 Zakkencentrale has worked hard on its quality products for customers worldwide. And with success, as shown by the way Zakkencentrale has grown in the past decades.


Thanks to integrated production capabilities from granule to complete product ZC can anticipate quickly and efficiently the highest demands of its customers. The company has several facilities and warehouses on strategic European locations, enabling a quick delivery of the following products and services:

  • woven 25/50 kg bags
  • packaging machines and nets for packaging of vegetables and fruits
  • bulk packaging
  • FIBCs and container liners

Our Expertise

Long-term relationships, both with staff and with customers, mean a lot to Zakkencentrale. Hence we invest continuously in our employees and production facilities and we have multiple ISO-certifications. This site will give you more information on our products and services. We welcome you.